They may be rivals in athletics, but the NMU and MTU Gear Up programs worked together today to help high school students plan for the future.

‘GEAR UP’ stands for ‘Gaining Early Access and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs’ and provides opportunities for students to tour college campuses and see what college is right for them.

“The main objective of GEAR UP is to expose students to what’s out there after high school,” said coordinator Liz Fujita, “whether it’s four year university, if they want to go to college in the traditional sense of go to college. Or if they’re looking for more of a two year program, or a certification, or whatever it is they want to do after high school. We just want them to know what else is out there because there are so many options.”

The entire sophomore class from Baraga High School made the trip to visit NMU’s campus.

“I just think it’s really fun to bring students to different colleges. It’s really fun to have the Tech–Northern hockey rivalry, but really we all want to work together and get our students into whatever they want to do in their future.”

Many of the students added that they all thoroughly enjoyed their lunch at the Market Place on campus.