Artists take painting class mixed with music

MARQUETTE — A different way to paint was on display Thursday afternoon at the Peter White Public Library. The painters painted to music.

Kathy Cousins hosted a painting class called ‘Jazz in the Abstract’ at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center. For the past forty plus years, she’s traveled all over the world as a professional musician. Kosins loves to paint in her free time, which is why she came to Marquette to teach the class.

“Every now and then I’m lucky enough to get a community of adults that want to do artwork or are continuing artists. It’s a little bit different of a medium for them because for the most part they’re used to painting realistic and this is all abstraction,” said Kosins.

“We haven’t done anything to music before. It’s always been a specific type of class that we’ve had before. You can use any kind of medium you want. Some are doing pastels, some are doing watercolors, acrylics,” said Michele Tuccini, who attended the class.

Kosins is no stranger to Marquette. She performed two years ago at NMU’s Jazz Fest.