Students gear up for Relay For Life

MARQUETTE — Cancer is the second leading cause of death in America.

But, some Northern Michigan University Students are working hard to change that. This weekend marks the 11th annual Relay For Life at Northern Michigan University. 45 student organizations participate in the event, which runs for 24 hours straight.

“Thank god there’s a lot of young people, a lot of caffeine, a lot of energy. Being 24 hours, we break this down. It’s not running for 24 hours straight. We’re basically walking laps, or taking turns walking laps but we also break for very moving ceremonies and we also have activities. We have many other things going on for that 24 hours to fill that slot,” said Carl Fulsher, a Community Manager with the American Cancer Society.

The event is quite popular, and Fulsher says there could be as many as 800 people there. The students have already raised over 14 thousand dollars online. But, with the relay being so popular, that number is sure to rise.

“They sell grill cheese sandwiches, they throw pies in their face, they do all kinds of crazy innovative stuff to try to raise money to fight cancer. Its really just a very entertaining, very worthwhile, very moving time to come see,” Fulsher added.

The Relay runs from 12 noon tomorrow to 12 noon Saturday. You can find a link to donate here.