Early January sees increased business for antiques dealers

ISHPEMING — The holidays and the early part of each new year are a busy time for antique shops.

People who either received cash for Christmas, or didn’t get what they wanted, will sometimes go hunting for antiques just after New Year’s Day. The owner of the Main Street Antique Mall in Ishpeming says this period always results in a bump in business for antique dealers.

“And I saw a groundswell of people who were looking to get rid of some stuff just before Christmas, looking to make some money to buy what they wanted for Christmas for their loved ones,” David Aeh said.

Aeh says that in the U.P., practical, useful items generally hold their value well. The things younger people collect are different from their parents or grandparents, which also drives some changes in value.

“The things that Grandma had in the china cabinet and the things that are these beautiful, high–quality pieces are not things that are necessarily what is valuable today, and in fact, they’re declining in value on the whole,” he said.

Aeh says the most important type of value that any piece can have is sentimental value, but in terms of dollars, he recommends to never assume that any items you have are worthless. Ask around at local shops about their potential worth.