NMU students express thoughts on situation in Ferguson

MARQUETTE — Demonstrations protesting a grand jury’s Monday night decision to decline the indictment of Ferguson, Missouri Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown have been happening coast to coast. ABC 10 talked to a couple Northern Michigan University students to gauge their reactions to the situation.

Recent reports have told of the violence erupting at some of the demonstrations, including the one in Ferguson itself.

“I really wish we didn’t have the history that would result in them [demonstrations] going wrong. I also wish that people were able to keep their heads in that sort of situation enough that they wouldn’t go wrong, and that the protests would not be necessary in the first place,” said Sophia Harding, a Secondary Education student.

Discussion of the situation in Ferguson has brought out racial and socioeconomic concerns. One student acknowledged that racism does exist in the Upper Peninsula and offered a piece of advice to the community.

“I guess I would say to the people up here that what happened in Ferguson was tragic, and it was horrible, but I would tell them that just because that was one individual from the black race does not define the whole black race,” biology student Sable Johnson said. “I would tell them basically to be more open–minded – be more open–minded about culture, about different cultures and different religions because you never know what you guys may have in common.”

Johnson added the on–campus counseling center and Multicultural Education and Resource Center are available for students who may encounter issues with racism.