The U.P. Honor Flight, 7th Mission, returned at 8:30 last night to a jubilant reception.

After spending the day in Washington, D.C. touring the various memorials, the veterans flew in to the Delta County Airport and were well received. While all the veterans were treated to the same tour, each found something specific that stood out to them individually.

“The airforce,” Cpl. Emily Ray Miller said, “those boys throwing the guns up and catching them. They were something.”

Albert Vernon Gerber, Aviation Metalsmith, 2nd Class, said, “The hard part was with all the gravesites. You know, when you’re 87 years old you’re going to be one of them soon. What can I say? It’s heartbreaking.”

For as significant as the memorials are for the veterans, the welcome home reception had just as much impact.

“It was better than when I came home from Korea,” Cpl. Charles Reinhart said.

Each of the veterans enthusiastically encouraged all those who haven’t yet attended an Honor Flight to do so when the opportunity arises.