Program to combat U.P. healthcare workers shortage

The U.P. has a severe shortage of health care workers. It is predicted that by the year 2010 the health care profession will be short by the thousands, just in Michigan.
A new health facility program located at Northern Michigan University will go a long way in improving the state of health for the U.P.

The Michigan Area Health Education Center, AHEC’s, priority will be to recruit, train and retain health care workers in the U.P. The training programs will offer certificates, bachelors as well as master degree programs.

“Some of the to shortage areas are dentists, nurses, physicians and physician assistants. Some of the tow year programs like radiographer, clinical lab technician, respitory therapist, physical therapist. There are quite a few medical technicians that qualify as an in–need profession,” said Cindy Noble, U.P. Regional Health Center Program Manager.

Accessing each of the 15 counties deficiencies and then targeting students from those under-served, rural or minority areas are the main thrusts of the program.

“This is a real exciting program, the opportunity to help students get into health careers is really important and especially shortage areas is really important,” continued Noble.

The program comes from a grant from Wayne State University and the PEIF Center will host the program.
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