Negaunee’s new school superintendent

It’s the first week of school for Negaunee’s new school superintendent. We caught up with Dan Skewis today to find out what he has in store for the new school semester.

He’s a former Negaunee Miner and NMU Wildcat. Negaunee’s new School Superintendent says this first year he plans to follow the current budget and plans that are in place and make adjustments where needed.

“I think an advantage that I have is that I understand the district and how it operates, even thought the position is new it will present new challenges. The hurdle is to understand your personnel and I do know the staff and I think that will help moving forward,” said Negaunee School Superintendent Dan Skewis.

Skewis comes to the position with 18 years of experience under his belt and will oversee three schools. That amounts to 1,500 students and about 100 teachers and support staff.

“I look forward to working with building principals and our athletic director and special education coordinator to fine tune things and make sure Negaunee is the place where students want to come. I hope to continue to have the district grow not only in numbers but in facilities and the appearance of the district,’ continued Skewis.

Skewis served as a teacher, assistant principal, then principal for the past 12 years in Negaunee.