Top seeds advance in UPLGA tournament

HYDE – The field at the Upper Peninsula Ladies Golf Association (UPLGA) Tournament  is down to four golfers. The quarterfinals were played on Monday at the Highland Golf Club. The top four seeds advanced to Tuesday’s semifinals. The tournament final is also set for Tuesday.


Avery Rochester (Wawonowin) def. Pam Frankini (Pine Grove), 6 & 5.

Lori Shea (Gladstone) def. Karen Wiles (Escanaba), 3 & 1.

Zoe Woodworth (Calumet) def. Leah Faketty (Oak Crest), 8 & 6.

JoAnn Poncino (Pine Grove) def. Holly Canull (Gladstone), 2 & 1.


Avery Rochester vs. Lori Shea – Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

Zoe Woodworth vs. JoAnn Poncino – Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

The tournament final takes place on Tuesday at approximately 1 p.m.