Big Trucks roar into the U.P. for Dial Help

This past weekend, Dial Help held their sixth annual Big Truck Day coordinated to bring together kids of all ages.

Crowds lined up in front of the Copper Country Mall in Houghton to get a chance to sit inside many different vehicles including ATVs and fire trucks. Local law enforcement officials gave kids a firsthand look into sitting behind the wheel of a cop car.

Kevin Weir from Dial Help says it is one of the most important events the organization holds.

“At Dial Help, we deal with a lot of serious issues from suicide to sexual violence and everything in between and substance abuse. And we needed a day where could just have some fun,” Weir said.

It was recently discovered that Dial Help had lost $50,000 in funding and fundraisers like this are some of the ways they are reaching out to the community for help.

“It does take a lot of resources to run a crisis center that is open 24 hours. We cover the whole U.P. We’re the only crisis center in the U.P. that does that, in addition to our other programming. We have had some funding cuts over the last year so we do appreciate any donations through our fundraiser that would help us sustain those capabilities,” said Weir.

More information on how you can help and how to contact Dial Help is available on their website.