Drop off unwanted prescription drugs Saturday’s for Drug Take Back Day

At one time it was considered okay to use the toilet or even the garbage to dispose of prescription drugs.

But, recent reports have shown those disposal methods are dangerous and ineffective.

When prescription drugs wind up in a septic tank, they don’t break down as scientists initially expected.  In fact, that particular method can pollute our waterways.

The garbage can is no better.  Discarded prescription drugs can end up in the wrong hands, and eventually be used for illegal and unauthorized usage.

Saturday’s Prescription Drug Take Back Day aims to curb that trend.

Everyone is encouraged to bring any expired or unused prescription drugs to a designated drop-off location.

“Churches across the U.P. are collecting unused pharmaceuticals so that they don’t get into our water.  People thought for a long time the right thing to do was flush it down the toilet and that is absolutely the wrong thing.  Instead, bring it to these collection sites to be disposed of properly and it won’t go into our environment and hurt our fish and foul,” Superior Watershed Partnership Program Manager Jennifer Hill said.

Collection times for the Superior Watershed Partnership program are from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday at 17 locations at local churches.  Prescription drugs can also be dropped off at police departments across the Upper Peninsula.

The Superior Watershed Partnership’s website has more information on the drug-take back event.