A former Michigan State University basketball player is spreading his message about anti-bullying and autism awareness to students across the state, and Friday he was in Dickinson and Marquette Counties.

Anthony Ianni was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as a child and was a victim of bullying.  Through his Anti-Bullying Relentless Tour, he’s been to over 200 schools in the state  to share his story and how he overcame bullying.

“I kind of wanted to do something that would impact the entire state and give people hope and inspiration that they’re looking for,” Ianni said.  “This is something a lot of people can look at for hope and inspiration and giving them the idea of what Autism is and anti-bullying.”

“It’s been a huge success, and I think so far the reaction and the compliments I’ve been getting from people all over the state…it shows that this tour is doing the things that it needs to do.”

Ianni said the reaction has been positive and has seen the impact his speeches have made in students lives.

“Sometimes when I’m done presenting I’ll get students that come up to me and just start crying on me,” he said.  “Sometimes I think ‘Uh, did I do something wrong here or anything?’, but they would just confess to me everything right then and there and how much hope and inspiration it’s given them.  And the biggest compliments I get is bullies apologizing to their victims when I leave.”

Ianni will be at the Superior Dome Saturday during the Superiorland Soccer Association Tournament to interact with kids and spread his message.

More information on Ianni’s Anti-Bullying Relentless Tour, click here.