Ishpeming continues search for superintendent

Ishpeming is moving full force ahead in finding its new school superintendent.

A consultant with the Michigan Association of School Boards came to Ishpeming’s Board of Education meeting Monday to assist in the search.

Consultant Sheri Davie has more than twenty years of experience with school boards.  Davie is confident that with all the Ishpeming school District and the Upper Peninsula has to offer, the right person is out there.

“There is a lot of appeal in small districts, and I always find it interesting that in searches, many times there is someone out there who is from the area–from the Upper Peninsula specifically–and this is there opportunity to come back,” Davie said.

“How should I say it…(a candidate) that would fit really well into the community,” Ishpeming’s Interim School Board President Daniel Paul said.  “That person would be able to deal with the public and the students, teachers, and bring everyone together.”

The application deadline for superintendent is January 20.  The board is planning on holding a community meeting for feedback in the upcoming weeks.