What are the hot items on Black Friday?

Many shoppers were up and out on Thanksgiving night trying to get the best Black Friday deals and kick off the holiday shopping season.

The Best Buy store in Marquette Township has been open since 6:00 last night. Some of the items expected to sell fast are video games and tablets, like iPads and Kindles.

“Tablets are huge this year,” Best Buy Marquette Township connectivity manager Krystal Riggs said. “E-readers are always a big hit for the holidays, gaming consoles for the family and for the teens. Cell phones are always big. Everyone always wants something new every year or two, so those will be our big hits, but we also have some great TV offers as well that are going to be a big hit for this holiday season.”

Other hot sellers include accessories for those tablets and cell phones. Krystal said people come from all across the U.P. to shop at Best Buy.

“Being the only Best Buy in the entire U.P., people come hours and hours on out just to shop here,” she said. “We’re really excited about those. We have customers that come two or three hours out just to shop for Black Friday, so it’s really exciting.”

She suggests checking out ads online before you go shopping and to know ahead of time what you want to buy. The Dia de los Tacos truck will also be on hand at the store on Saturday to feed hungry shoppers.