Celebrating Adoption Day

New adoptions were celebrated in Marquette County as part of Michigan’s Adoption Day.

Four adoptions were completed in Marquette County Probate Court Tuesday.

Afterwards the court held a reception to honor the new adoptions, and celebrate all children in the area who have been adopted.

“The courtroom was packed with families and friends, and it’s just been wonderful to put families together,” Probate Judge Cheryl Hill said.  “This is probably the best day we’ve had in this court since I’ve taken office, and it’s a happy place to be in this courtroom today (Tuesday).”

Twenty-three children up for adoption in Marquette County, and there is still a number of children needing a foster home.

“Right now we have about 120 kids in foster care, and it’s a fluctuating number but we always need homes.  A lot of our homes become full,” Department of Human Services Licensing Worker Heather Johnston said, who works with children and families in Marquette, Alger, and Schoolcraft counties.  “Sometimes if those children who are in the foster homes can cannot be placed back with their parents, then they are then adopted a lot of times by that foster family and we lose that home.”

“We need all the foster parents we can possibly get in this community right now,” Hill said.  “I have children that are placed in Delta County, Alger County, and Houghton County, which is just too far away from Marquette County.”

“I need families who are willing to bring children into their lives.”

All children that were adopted received a teddy bear.

Judge Hill started the tradition when she became Probate Judge as a way for kids to feel comforted and officially part of a new family.