Mining history focus of art exhibit

For those who love art and history, Hancock is the place to be.

The Community Arts Center is holding its 20th annual Shaft, a community exhibit on the history of mining in the Copper Country.

Executive Director Cynthia Cote said the event is important to the community because residents see so many different interpretations on the same topic.

“I think it gives people a chance to respond in their own way to some of the history that we can be proud of but the history that involves a lot of strife too,” Cote said. “We know that life was hard for the miners. So it gives artists a chance to use their artistic voice to respond to the many different issues revolving around mining.”

In addition to the Shaft is the Junior Shaft, featuring artwork from Hancock High School students.

Assistant Director Bonnie Loukus said the students received a lot of help on these projects.

“The students worked with their art teacher, Sarah Grieger, and they went to the Michigan Tech archives and did a lot of research and picked up projects for this exhibit,” she said.

The exhibits will continue through November 30 and people are invited to come vote on their favorite piece with cash prizes awarded to the top vote-getters.