MAPS looking for ways to cut electric bill

As the colder weather sets in, customers of the Marquette Board of Light and Power are seeing higher electric rates — and will as part of a scheduled increase proposal.

The recent rate increase is making Marquette Area Public Schools find ways to decrease electric consumption.

Interim Superintendent Bill Saunders said the 8% increase will cost the district $40,000 this year.

He said the district will look into “green” options for energy efficiency.

“We just have to be a little more fiscally responsible, and a little more efficient with how we use our lights in our buildings,” Saunders said.  “Just taking care of things, being a little greener, so that money can really go back to the students where it should be.”

“Every savings is important so make sure every time we leave a room we turn the lights off and do those types of things.  And perhaps we also have some things that could save some money, changing out some of the light bulbs that would be more energy efficient…those types of ideas.  We want to look at everything.”

Saunders said each building in the district will be looking to find ways to cut costs.