Judge denies attempt to stop the Eagle Mine

A Federal Appeals Court has denied an attempt by the Huron Mountain Club to stop the Eagle Mine in Marquette County.

The Club had asked the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to order the Army Corps of Engineers to force the mine to go through a federal permitting process before construction continues. The mine has already been approved through the state’s permitting process. The Club’s request had previously been denied by a U.S. District Court.

Judge Helene White of the 6th Circuit Court in Cincinnati wrote that the Club had failed to prove that the Army Corps of Engineers had an obligation to require federal permits for the mine… and could not be forced to do something it was not required to do.

Judge White also chastised the Huron Mountain Club for waiting six years to initiate a federal challenge to the mine… noting that they had not opened a federal case until their challenge in state court had failed.

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