Marquette hosts health and hospice conference

Lake Superior Hospice, in collaboration with Lake Superior Palliative Medicine, hosted a two–part conference on health and hospice care for family members and loved ones.

The focus of the conference, entitled “Lost in Translation… Caring Conversations and Interpretations”, included advanced care planning, self–care, and the ethics of end–of–life care.

More than 20 speakers from across the country were on hand to share their expertise in the medical field.

“I think we really want people to understand what palliative care and hospice care is and to understand the importance of it as a piece of our healthcare system,” CEO of Lake Superior Hospice Carol Carr said.

“As our health care system continues to evolve and change, particularly with the things that we are seeing going on currently at the local state and national level, palliative care and hospice care is such a vital piece of that.”

“Hospice is something that really something that should be engaged six months ahead of time before someone passes away, not in the last few days or week which tends to be the case many times. There is so much to be learned here,” Canale Funeral Homes Owner and a sponsor of the conference Mark Canale said.

This event marks the 1st annual Palliative Health and Hospice Conference.

Plans to continue the event annually are already in the works due to the great turnout and response from the community.