Business merger to bring in more jobs to Marquette

A new manufacturing company opened their doors to the community today to inform the public of what their business has in store for the area.

Pioneer Surgical was recently sold to a company in Florida and instead of closing down the long time business, the new owners chose to expand it. They took the best that both companies had to offer and making even more valuable.

“Well today what we are here to do is to really introduce RTI Surgical to the community of Marquette,” President and CEO Brian Hutchison said. “A couple of months ago RTI Biologics went through a transaction or acquisition, if you will, of Pioneer Surgical. Together, we have created a new company that we are calling RTI Surgical.”

RTI Surgical is a muscle and bone repair company that manufactures surgical tools and equipment for hospitals around the world. More than 50 thousand of their products were used in surgeries in more than 20 countries.

Hutchison believes that this merger of the two companies will bring a lot of positive changes to the area.

“What is here is engineering talent, marketing talent, regulatory, quality and certainly manufacturing talent and over time we expect to grow this segment of our overall business significantly,” Hutchison said. “So over the next many years we will expect to grow our employment base here. Hopefully having all kinds of employees who can be good contributors to the community, be able to make a nice living and raise there families to keep this process going.”

While the new company is still getting adjusted in their new home, they are already in the process of getting right to work. There are currently about 200 people employed right now but that number is expected to grow even more in the coming years.