Rally racing championship finale to take place in Upper Michigan

Racing fans in Upper Michigan will have the chance to witness a rally race event this fall but this is not just your typical race. This race will determine a world champion.

Rally car racing is a sport that travels all over the globe in which drivers are speeding down winding roads, trying to get the fastest time possible. It’s much different than most other forms of auto racing because in these races, the competition doesn’t share the course at the same time.

“One car starts and a minute or two later the next car starts,” Subaru Rally Team USA Driver, David Higgins said. “So we’re timed between the special stages and then we do about twenty stages of rally. Then we have road sections we have to be on, on time, or we are penalized if we’re late. It is a real team effort. The guys have got to work on the car within very strict time limits. You’re not passing cars. It’s all racing against the clock. Hopefully the stopwatch gives you some good news at the end of it.”

Higgins and his Subaru Rally Team is in a two–way for the season’s championship. The final race of the year is a two–day event and travels through Houghton, Iron and Keweenaw Counties. Higgins is currently leading in the Rally America Championship standings by 22 points ahead of competitor Ken Block.

Fans can find out more information about the event on the Subaru Rally Team’s website: http://www.subaru.com/enthusiasts/rally/events/2013/lake-superior/index.html