New volunteers in charge of Marquette fireworks

There’s a new group of Marquette-area volunteers in charge of the city’s July 4th fireworks display.

The Marquette Area 4th of July Committee has elected a new slate of board members.

The new board members know that they need to raise money for next year, but they’re looking beyond that to make the fireworks self-sustaining.

“If, every year, you have to go back to the same people…you know, life’s gotten very different out there, and everybody’s looking for funding,” Marquette Area 4th of July Committee vice president Pat Black said.

The new board members are trying to create an endowment fund, as well as a new informational website.

They’ve turned to the Marquette Board of Light & Power for help.

“It’s not just the City of Marquette people that enjoy the fireworks,” Black said. “It’s Skandia, it’s Marquette Township, it’s Chocolay, it’s everyone, and the BLP services people in those communities.”

The new website should be launched within the next month or so.

Black says that anyone who’d like more information about what the new board members are doing can contact her at the Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau.