Michigan Mammals week

Join the Department of Natural Resources at a state park or visitor center all week long for Michigan Mammals Week. Learn all about mammals, from mink to moose and everything in between. Find out where they live, what types of habitat they need to survive, how they raise their young, and how to identify them. These programs are offered for more than 30 parks across the state, and each one is a little different. Most programs are one hour in length, and some include a hike, so be sure to click on the links to find out details.

Rabbit on grass

Programs are free, however a Recreation Passport is required for each vehicle entering Michigan state parks and recreation areas. The Recreation Passport replaces the state park sticker and is required for entry to all Michigan state parks and recreation areas. If you haven’t already purchased yours when renewing your license plate, you can still purchase a Recreation Passport at a state park or recreation area. Michigan residents pay $11 per vehicle. Nonresidents pay $8.40 per vehicle for a daily pass.