U.P. wildfire risk falling

Now that the thunderstorms have moved away, the wildfire danger for most of the region has dropped considerably.

Michigan DNR officials say the wildfire risk for the 4th of July period was high enough to make them worry.

Many areas of the U.P. have now been rained on within the last day or two after going dry for quite some time.

Falling temperatures have also helped, “but there is a small section, basically east of Shingleton and then stops at I-75, that is still very dry,” DNR incident command center duty officer Celeste Chingwa said.

The main factors in wildfire risk are high temperatures, high winds and dry air, but the DNR was also worried about the 4th of july because of an additional factor.

“Fireworks is always a big danger. We got lucky this year, I think,” Chingwa said. “There were a few fires across the U.P., but for the most part, we got lucky and things quieted down.”

The expected return of thunderstorms and rain to the region as soon as tomorrow should help push the wildfire risk down even more.