Sand Point Lighthouse grand re-opening

Delta County residents are celebrating the sesquicentennial of Escanaba, but a celebration of sorts is also underway: the re-opening of an historic lighthouse.

The Sand Point Lighthouse has a rich history in Escanaba.

It served mariners from 1868 until 1939.

It’s now a bit of a time machine that gives visitors a glimpse into its storied past.

The lantern room is a must-see for visitors.

“Young people, older people, people that may be a little concerned about heights, they all find going up those 40 steps to the tower is something they can do,” Charles Lindquist of the Delta County Historical Society said.

As a part of the Escanaba wide celebration, the Historical Society held a grand re-opening of the museum and archives this afternoon.

The lighthouse, the museum and the archives are all located on Ludington Street.