Interim Superintendent listens to Gwinn parents

A large crowd of parents gathered at Gwinn High School Monday night to voice their concerns about recent issues with the school district.

Interim Superintendent Stephen Piereson hosted a listening session to hear input and comments from parents and teachers about recent events happening in the school district.

“I’m not going to attempt to give any real answers, I just want to listen and hear what people have to say and give people the opportunity to voice their concerns,” Piereson said.

Many residents had concerns about the direction of school district, financially and academically, and the closing of Gilbert Elementary School.

Piereson said he wants residents to remember that there are many good aspects in the Gwinn school district.

“The big thing in the district right now is to get everyone going in the same direction.  There are many really good things that go on in the Gwinn schools,” Piereson said.  “There are a lot of really good teachers, concerned support staff, a caring Board of Education, top notch students, lots of opportunities for those students.”

“We need to pull in the same direction to maximize those opportunities and get focused on those positive things that are going on.”

Piereson added he will take the information from the meeting tonight and think about what was brought up, and possibly have another listening session in the next few months.