Used curriculum sale for home schooled kids

School may be out for the summer, but parents are already looking into prepping for next year.

The Upper Michigan Christian Home Educators held a used curriculum sale Friday night at Bethel Baptist Church in Marquette.

The sale is for parents who home school their kids.  It gives them a chance to buy and sell, books they will need for next year.

“Mainly (the sale) is so the parents that have curriculum can sell what they’re not using anymore, or what they’re done with and decided not to use, and a chance to give other people in the area to buy something locally and to be able to see and and pick it up without looking at a sample that’s online on the computer,” Shannon Kemp said, who home schools her four children.

Not only can parents get an idea of what books to buy, kids can see what they are interested in too.

“There’s a lot of kids here, and they can go around also and see what they’re interested in in and what they might like to buy,” Kemp said.

Kemp said the book sale gives new home school parents a chance to see of what books they might need or want to buy, and to meet other home school parents.  The curriculum books were for grades K-12.

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