Quilting decoration on Hancock building

Art lovers hope it’s the start of something big…a giant quilt block that could be the first in a new trend in the Copper Country, called a quilt block trail.

Sandstone Peacemakers member Anita Campbell says, “After we get about maybe 12 or 15 quilt blocks installed on different buildings, they can go on garages or barns or buildings, then we will create a brochure with a little picture of each quilt block and some history and people can then pick up the brochure and follow the trail.”

This quilt block has been installed at the Jutila Center in Hancock. Each design for a quilt block has a story behind it.  This one is called “Storm at Sea”.

“There’s a gal from Copper Harbor that created a quilt for FinnFest this year and it was the “Storm at Sea” design, which we thought was appropriate for commemorating all the immigrants who came to America,” Campbell explained.