Training for the Mud Plunge

Summer is hopefully just around the corner and for most people that means its time to get in shape.

We’ve enlisted the help of CrossFit 906 to prepare Rick Tarsitano, our ABC 10 reporter, for the Mud Plunge in August. Every week he’ll be taking us along for the ride during his training.

Today, we start off at the beginning with the baseline test.

“Your baseline helps you figure out where you are at. A lot of people don’t do a lot of squats. They don’t do a lot of push-ups or a lot of pull-ups. So the baseline kind of helps you figure out what CrossFit is really like. It also let’s us know where you are at, too. Where your physical level is,” explained Ali Dix, a CrossFit Level One Certified Trainer.

The strategy behind Crossfit can be broken down into three criteria.

First off, it advocates constant variation. Changing workouts quickly so your body never has a chance to adapt and plateau.

Second, it is high intensity. Not screaming or yelling, but generating as much power as you possibly can in the shortest amount of time.

And lastly, moving in a natural way. No rigid machines or perfunctory motions. It stresses proper technique drawing from everyday movements like sitting down.

The end goal being to beat yourself week in and week out.

“You really want to knock your time down. You want to get the shortest time possible for your baseline. It’s always someone’s goal to knock at least a minute off from their first baseline to their second. Or say you used the green band, you would maybe try to go down to a blue or red band, or even just RX your pull-ups for your next baseline,” Dix noted.

Day one of my six-week workout and I already feel the pain. I’m sweating from head to toe so I can only imagine what the next six weeks are going to bring. Hopefully it gets me in shape in time for the Mud Plunge.