Mqt. County tourism kiosk

Visitors to Marquette County will soon be able to get information about hundreds of area businesses in an instant on a smartphone.

The Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau has bought an interactive tourism kiosk.

It’s expected to come online near the end of June at the Harvey MDOT Welcome Center.

It’ll be free for not only tourists, but also for businesses to be listed.

“Right from our office, we’ll be able to add businesses,” Pat Black of the Convention and Visitors Bureau said. “We’ll be able to change anything. It’s going to be on our website, so we’ll have the administrative ability here to monitor that.”

The bureau has also paid for WiFi internet service for the welcome center, and the group will soon be seen on a billboard in New York’s Times Square.

It was part of an advertising package the bureau bought from Horizon, a travel magazine.

“We sent off the photos to (Horizon) and they created (the ad),” Black said. “It will be running on the ABC jumbotron in Times Square, and while four seconds doesn’t sound like a lot, I looked at it. They did a spectacular job with it.”

The Times Square billboard advertisement will be running continuously on the ABC headquarters building from mid-June to mid-July.