Fire danger still lurks

It’s been a cloudy, gray day across most of the U.P. The clouds that looked to bring rain really haven’t delivered. At this time last year, multiple forest fires had already begun burning parts of the Upper Peninsula, and now DNR officials are warning about high fire danger again.

Heavy snow and spring rains helped decrease fire danger early in the season, but fire officials are concerned.

“No Burn’ bans have been implemented in several areas. However, fire danger remains a concern in many parts of the Upper Michigan.

The Department of Natural Resources Fire Specialist Bryce Avery said, “In some areas the fire danger is moderating somewhat. The grass is becoming greener, which isn’t as conducive to carrying fire. However the conifers, especially our Jack Pine and Red Pine, are at their lows for fuel moisture as new growths are coming in.

In the state of Michigan, the most common cause of fire is debris burning.
if you use caution when burning, it can go a long way in preventing a fire from getting out of control.

Avery added, “Whenever you are burning debris you should make sure the area is cleared of flammable material around your burn site. Always have a hand tool and some water available. And same thing as with a campfire, make sure your fire is completely out when you leave it.”

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