A sign of Spring: fruit & veggie stands

A popular produce and floral stand has returned for another season in two Upper Michigan communities.  The western Marquette County stand owned by the U.P. company Spiessl’s Produce Inc. has set up shop once again on U–S 41 in Ishpeming.

Today was another busy day for the produce stand.

Right now they have fruits and veggies from across the U–S and Mexico.  As the season moves along, they will add more local and state-grown produce.

Although it might not be a sunny day, the staff is happy to be back for another year.

Manager Maureen Spiessl says, ” It is exciting! Really exciting to be back in business. It’s so much fun. I personally don’t put up the tents – my dad and my brother do. They have so much fun putting them up because they know as soon as we put it up and the produce starts coming in. all of our friends will be coming back. We’ll see a lot of familiar faces and we get to talk to the people again.”

The stand has been in business for 24 years.  It’s open from 9 a–m to 9 p–m 7 days a week.

A second stand that carries similar items is set up in the L’Anse area.