Theater group teaches energy in Negaunee

Being energy-efficient in today’s society is an important matter, and it was a lesson plan today at one Marquette County school.

Students at Lakeview Elementary School in Negaunee learned all about electric safety and energy conservation.

“We teach four main points,” Nick Codon of the National Theatre for Children said. “We teach uses of electricity, so that kids know it turns their lights on and heats their homes and runs their air conditioners in the summertime. We teach how it’s made, that it’s made at a power plant, and we teach the fact that energy’s being wasted, and that we can save it by turning off lights when you leave a room, or turning off appliances, if you’re not playing a video game, go ahead and turn it off, things like that.”

The National Theatre For Children visited the school this morning to present an educational and comical skit for the students.

Its title: “Captain Wattage”.

Kids cheered on the play’s hero, named Captain Wattage, while he stopped an evil villain from wasting all the energy in town.

“It’s a really great program. The kids get really into it,” Codon said. “It’s really nice to see them get excited about what we’re doing and get excited to see live theater for the first time, and also to learn something along the way. It’s great.”

The event will have several stops across the U.P., as well as various locations in  Wisconsin.

The program is sponsored by WPPI Energy and locally by Negaunee Electric.