Gwinn Recall language not approved

The effort to recall four members from the Gwinn Area Community Schools Board of Education has been stopped – at least for the time being.

Gloria Bigelow, Cindy Filizetti, Ron Libey, and Michelle Dolby were the targets of the recall.

The Marquette County Election Commission voted to deny the recall petition at a meeting this morning. The commission, which is made up of  Marquette County Probate Court Judge Cheryl Hill, Marquette County Clerk Peter Dishnow, and Marquette County Treasurer Anne Giroux denied the recall because of its lack of clarity and factuality.  The group decided the language was too general and opinionated.

Gwinn School Board President Gloria Bigelow, “I’m glad that the clarification was not approved.  I believe that all four of us are very much for education and for kids.  I think that we are doing the best that we can with the resources that we have available to educate our kids.  It all boils down to that it’s about the children.”

A resident of the Gwinn Area Community Schools, Leesa Misterly, was involved in the recall effort.

Misterly says, “We were disappointed in the decision, but – again – this was not all about a recall.  We went that route because we felt we had no other options.”

“We sent a letter to the board members, asking them to step back and look at their decision, and make a factual decision. They didn’t make a factual, informed decision when they decided to close Gilbert.  And that’s all we are asking for.  Show us the money, and where the savings are,” she concluded.

The ruling can be appealed in ten days in Marquette County Circuit Court or another recall petition can be filed at a later time with new language.