Meth lab fight in Marquette Co.

The battle against illegal drugs in the U.P. continues by law enforcement and prosecutors in almost every county – none more aggressively than on the drug Methamphetamine.

In Marquette County, the prosecutors office has seen meth related crimes rise in recent years.  They are now trying to combat that, and make sure that criminals know that there is a heavy price to be paid.

Along with strong punishment, working with groups in the community has also helped to detour meth crimes.

The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team – U.P.S.E.T. – and the Michigan Department of State Police has been awarded Byrne JAG funds in the amount of $248,455 for Multijurisdictional Task Forces.  U.P.S.E.T’s mission is to enforce controlled substance laws, assist other law enforcement agencies in enforcement of drug related laws and to bring criminal and civil justice to persons and organizations involved in the use, manufacture, sale, distribution, and trafficking of controlled substances through investigations.