Mqt. Co. Board discusses tax tribunal

The Marquette County Board of Commissioners talked about a number of things at their meeting Tuesday night.

One item on the agenda was discussion about a tax tribunal for property values in Marquette Township.  Legal firms of ‘big box’ scores are challenging tax rules and going to a tax tribunal to change property values.  The property values were being assessed as if buildings were vacant, instead of occupied.  Property values could be lower in Marquette Township and surrounding areas as a result.

The commission voted to support in asserting that the properties should be valued with their existing use.

The commission also approved federal aid that will fund Medicaid to the state’s uninsured.  And, there was an update on a suicide prevention program for Marquette County.

Commissioner Steve Pence said the program will most likely be put together by Marquette General Hospital.  There is still no timeline on when the program would be created.