Snowmobile up Marquette Mountain

The fastest snowmobile drag racers from across the Midwest will compete in the Marquette Mountain Uphill Drag Races tomorrow morning.

Typically, high-speed drag racing is done on flat land, but this run will be a straight shot up the slopes.

Snowmobiles get their day in the sun, despite the fact that they are typically not allowed on the mountain.

“This ain’t flat. In the middle of our hill there’s a little bit of a jump. They’re not accustomed to that, so now you’ve got a sled a going 80 to 90 mph. When you hit a jump at that speed, compared to snocrossers going 30 mph, it changes everything. It’s a whole different ball game,” said Skip Schulz, the MASTERS Racing Circuit President.

Snowmobilers can register tonight at the Marquette Holiday Inn between 6 and 9 p.m.

Racers will compete on both stock and modified snowmobiles for a purse of over $3,000.

The pits open for competitors tomorrow morning at 7, with first heat headed up the hill at 9. Spectators are welcome to come and cheer for their favorite sled.