Police tips on preventing break-ins

In every community in Upper Michigan, there’s an occasional theft like the theft of medical equipment from the Wright & Filippis store in Marquette on Wednesday.

But there are several measures you can take to prevent a theft or a break-in at your home.

Police say the easiest act of prevention is to lock your doors.

It’s also a good idea to leave an outside light on during the night.

But in the event your home or business is broken into, an alarm is a good way to chase the suspect away or even apprehend them.

Ishpeming Police Chief Dan Willey says that more often than not, the person breaking into a building has done it before.

He says that if you have a home or business that isn’t near a police department, an audible alarm is often times the best form of prevention.

Burglars will often flee once they hear it.