City of Marquette designated as a Frisbee Sanctuary

In 1975, Wham-o Manufacturing Company designated Marquette, Michigan as Frisbee Sanctuary. This designation established Marquette as a community who helped develop Frisbee and disc games as a worldwide recreational and competitive sport.

On March 25, 2013 the Marquette City Commission unanimously approved a resolution to designate Marquette, MI with the official title of Frisbee Sanctuary.

Marquette City Manager William Vajda was excited about the resolution. “Marquette has long enjoyed hosting disc sport events, and recognizing our commitment, as Wham-O did almost 40 years ago, will be a great way to promote all the opportunities flip, float, and fly!”

Marquette Michigan becomes the only city in the world with the official designation of Frisbee Sanctuary.  “The adoption of the resolution will recognize the history of Marquette in the development of Frisbee, create more opportunities to become a place of disc destination and further our worldwide recognition as a founder and contributor to disc sports., says “Disc da UP” spokesman Buck Buchanan.

“This title will help us expand all disc sports in Marquette and the UP.  We will continue to host the US National Guts Frisbee Championships and are in the final stages of building a world class 18 hole disc golf course here in Marquette, with the grand opening in June of 2013.”

“We are also assisting other cities around the UP in expanding or building new disc golf courses and hope to have a UP Disc Golf Tournament series in 2014.  The City has also helped us obtain an official “Frisbee Sanctuary” disc which commemorates the new title and will soon be available to the public.”, Buchanan says.