Warm welcome for soldiers in Kingsford

It was a hero’s welcome for a group of U.P. soldiers Thursday night.

Thursday marked the homecoming for the 90 Michigan Army National Guard Soldiers, who came home after a 10-month tour of duty.  They are part of the 1432nd Engineer Company.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Kingsford High School gym to give the troops a warm welcome.  Parents were proud of their children, and everyone was excited to welcome the troops home.

Nineteen members of the Hebert family wore matching T-shirts to welcome Peter Hebert home.  His wife, Marissa, said she was excited for him to see his daughter, Alicia.  Waiting for Peter to arrive was a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

His parents, Wayne and Shelly, said they were very proud of the son and said that it is great to see everyone who came out to welcome the troops home on such an emotional day.

Sheena Elich said it would be an emotional day for her, as she waited for her brother, Jamie Mattson to arrive.  She said that he is proud of his job, and is looking forward to spending time again with family.

Along with the many cheers and tears at the welcome home celebration, there were plenty of yellow ribbons, American flags, and smiles and families and friends welcomed the troops back to the U.P.