MI Ballot Proposals: Proposal 2

Governor Rick Snyder had plenty to say about Michigan Proposal 2 when he was in Marquette today.

Proposal 2 would put in the state Constitution the right to organize and bargain collectively through labor unions.

This would eliminate an unidentified number of existing and future labor laws in the process.

The governor says a ‘no’ vote will allow the state to continue to do the sorts of things to turn itself around that it’s currently doing.

He says Michigan did not have any issues involving collective bargaining about a year ago with its state employee unions like Wisconsin and Ohio did, saying his administration has been through collective bargaining twice with state unions with favorable outcomes for the employees.

Proposal 2 is one of the five ballot measures that seek to amend the Michigan Constitution.

Brad Hantler of Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution says businesses and young people like himself will continue leaving the state if Proposal 2 passes.

Stu Skauge of the Michigan Education Association says the Michigan State Police already have a constitutional right to bargain for their wages, benefits and working conditions.

He says Proposal 2 would guarantee other public employee unions the same rights that the State Police already have.

This proposal and five others will be on the Michigan ballot next Tuesday.

We’ll feature Proposal 3 tomorrow night here on ABC 10 News Now.