Houghton Police Officers Recognized

The Houghton Police Department has even more reasons to be proud of two of its officers.

Patrolman Angela Tomasi has been chosen as the city’s first ever female volunteer firefighter.

Her appointment was confirmed this week by the city council.

Tomasi has worked for the Houghton PD for 6 months but serving the fire department has always been in the back of her mind.

Now she gets to do what no woman has done before in Houghton.

There’s been no word on who Tomasi will be rooting for in the annual Pigs N Heat Hockey game.

Another Houghton Police Officer is also receiving special recognition.

Patrolman Zachary Wheeler was awarded by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his active role in pursuing traffic safety.

Officer Wheeler personally made 34 OWI arrests in a single year.

Wheeler is one of only two officers in the U.P. to be chosen out of more than 100 police officers nominated.

Thirteen officers total were selected.

An Awards Ceremony was held on August 1st in Detroit but Officer Wheeler was busy patrolling the streets of Houghton and unable to attend.