Duke LifePoint Employee Screenings

Marquette General Health System’s change from nonprofit status to for–profit is still in progress.

Its sale to Duke LifePoint is still pending.

But in one respect, the transition process is just about over for employees.

Duke LifePoint is just about done with the screening process for MGH employees.

The screening process consists of a drug test and a background check for outstanding felony warrants.

MGH employees have apparently been on edge.

Dave Edwards says all employees will continue in their same jobs, at the same pay, after the screening.

And MGH employee records are not part of the screening process.

Duke LifePoint won’t have access because Marquette General Hospital, as a business entity, will cease to exist once the sale is complete.

Edwards says if there are employees with something in their file that they’d rather not have Duke LifePoint know about, this will essentially serve as a fresh start for them.