Update: Possible drowning at Van Riper State Park

Just after 6:15 Friday night the Michigan State Police were dispatched to an apparent drowning at Van Riper State Park in Champion.

Marquette County Search and Rescue, complete with dive teams, the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department rescue boat and sea–do’s were all out on Lake Michigamme.

Eye witnesses say a 36-year-old man was swimming in the lake about 500 yards off the main beach. Witnesses believe the man had jumped off a boat into the water about a half mile west of the boat launch near the middle of the lake close to a sandbar. They say the boat drifted away from him and a friend on the boat jumped in after the victim, but was not able to rescue him.

Campers were asked to leave the Van Riper beach area a few minutes after the incident was reported.

The Michigan State Police dive team started to search for the man’s body about an hour after the first call came in. By 7:30 p.m., campers were sent to their campsites as the search continued. There is no word yet on whether the missing man – or his body – has been found.

Posted by: Jordan Kelly

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