New Elder Protection Laws

Michigan’s population is aging, and elder abuse seems to be on the rise in recent years.
The state of Michigan is responding to that with a series of new laws to better protect older residents.
Governor Rick Snyder signed them into law on Tuesday.
The laws make it easier to report elder abuse.
A senior who has been abused no longer has to be the person who reports the abuse.
And the new laws offer whistle–blower protection to workers at long–term care facilities who report abuse.
Former Marquette mayor Jerry Irby is one of 15 people from across the state who are on the Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging.
He says the group has been pushing for new laws like these since 2006, and he’s very glad to see them enacted.
Marquette County Prosecutor Matt Wiese has said previously that he’d like the culture of the justice system to change so that it has the framework for elder abuse that it has for abuse of children and other residents who can be vulnernable.
Wiese says he personally supports the measures, and he believes the Michigan Prsoecutors Association does as well.
He thinks law enforcement will be able to use the new laws to strengthen protection of older residents.
The new laws also increase the penalties for embezzling from seniors, and for fraudulently obtaining a senior’s signature, among many other changes.

Posted by: Mike Hoey

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