Ishpeming City Council Leak?

Two members of the Ishpeming City Council have claimed that the council is leaking confidential city information to the news media.

The other three members deny that claim.

City Manager Jered Ottenwess recently interviewed for the same job in Ypsilanti.

At a special council meeting last Friday, Mayor Pat Scanlon and council member John Stone said Ottenwess asked the council to keep that information confidential when he told them individually about it.

But it appeared in the Mining Journal in late April.

Stone and Scanlon claimed there was a leak.

Council member Claudia Demarest called that idea absurd and called for another special meeting this morning about Scanlon’s and Stone’s claim.

Demarest says the most likely source of that information was the Ypsilanti City Council; she says no one in Ishpeming leaked it.

A Mining Journal flyer, asking Ishpeming residents to vote ‘yes’ on today’s recall election of Demarest, Elaine Racine and Mike Tall, also came up during the special meeting.

Demarest claimed the flyer has factual errors, which Scanlon denied.

Posted by: Mike Hoey