MI Supreme Court Candidate Visits Marquette

One of the candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court later this year was in Marquette today.

Judge Jane Markey is on the bench with the Michigan Court of Appeals.

She made a campaign stop in Harvey Monday night, visiting the Marquette County Republicans.

But her current job, not a future job, is what brought her to the U.P.

Every May and October, the Court of Appeals sends three of its judges to Marquette to hear oral arguments from U.P. attorneys.

This May’s session took place this morning.

Judge Markey believes her time with the Court of Appeals will help her — she’s served on the bench there since 1994, and most Michigan Supreme Court justices come from there.

The state Supreme Court has seven justices.

They’re elected to eight–year terms.

One of the seats will be open later this year when a justice will retire due to age.

Posted by: Mike Hoey