Care Clinic Raises Money for Film Screening

The movie media hype is revolving around today’s release of “The Hunger Games”, but a different film is also in the news.

A pregnancy services clinic in Marquette raised the money to bring a new movie to audiences in the U.P.

“October Baby” is about a college student who learns she was adopted following a failed abortion attempt.

She then goes on a road trip to discover her own past.

Staff at the Care Clinic in Marquette wanted to bring the film to the area.

The Clinic had to raise enough money to buy a thousand tickets, but they did it.

“October Baby” is playing for at least a week at the Royal Cinema in Marquette, starting tonight.

Care Clinic executive director Cindy Asher says if ticket sales for this weekend are strong enough, its engagement may last longer than that.

And this isn’t the end of the Care Clinic’s connection with the film.

The woman that “October Baby” is based on will visit Marquette for a Care Clinic fundraiser this fall.

Posted by: Mike Hoey