Downstate Man Avoids U.P. Jail Time

A downstate man will not have to go to jail for drug charges in the U.P., but that doesn’t mean he’s out of trouble.

47–year–old Michael Andring of Lansing walked out of the Houghton County Courthouse today but his trouble is far from over. Andring was arrested in August 2011 and was originally charged with two counts of delivery and manufacturing of controlled substances: morphine and oxycodone. These are felonies punishable by up to 20 years in prison and/or a $25,000 fine.

He was also charged with the 7 year felony of delivery or manufacturing of LSD and the 4 year felony of delivery and manufacturing of marijuana.

A plea bargain was reached on February 29th to dismiss without prejudice the first three felony counts and to amend the fourth down to a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge.

Andring is also facing felony drug charges in Ingham County where the prosecution says he will likely receive prison time based on another plea agreement.

Andring was ordered to pay $760 in fines and costs and warned that if he appears under suspicion in Houghton County again, he will face the original felony charges.