Marquette Storybook Trail

A favorite stop in the city of Marquette for cross–country skiers and snowshoeing is now a bit more friendly to young people.

The Marquette Fit Strip has two groomed, non–motorized trails.

The one–kilometer beginners loop has been converted into what organizers are calling the Storybook Trail.

it only took them four weeks to raise money to do it.

Groomer Kevin Carr says the Storybook Trail has 16 signposts, and each sign displays a page of a children’s book.

The organizers are starting the trail out with “Miki’s Challenge”, by local author Jackie Winkowski, but they intend to add new books every three months or so.

The City of Marquette Parks and Recreation Department and the Marquette Board of Light and Power helped put the Storybook Trail together.

So did the Noquemanon Trail Network and Switchback Gear Exchange.

Posted by: Mike Hoey